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FS#13287 - Load a newly saved playlist and resume where it was
Works from any playlist saving operation accessed from the While Playing Screen, all other playlist saving operations are unchanged. Now a user-selectable setting! Located in General Settings -> Playlists -> Current Playlist -> Reload After Saving (Yes/No) Change-Id: I5085c3f4c56c518a812d5ee015d15cc4dca19a28
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If set to \setting{In Submenu}, Rockbox will move the options into a
separate submenu.
+ \item[Reload After Saving.]
+ If set to \setting{Yes}, saving the current playlist from the While Playing Screen's
+ Context Menu will cause Rockbox to load the newly saved playlist and resume it to the
+ current position. This is useful for creating bookmarks after modifying or customizing
+ a playlist. Saving playlists outside of the While Playing Screen's Context Menu will
+ not be affected by this setting.