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Improved sansa uninstall instructions by Daniel Ankers, with some minor changes by me
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@@ -280,6 +280,12 @@ connect the \playerman{} to your computer, and delete the
+ Next, put the mi4 firmware file backed up in the installation phase
+ into the root directory on your \playertype{}. As in the installation, it may
+ be necessary to first put your device into UMS mode.
You then need to follow the instructions to install the bootloader, but when
prompted by ipodpatcher, enter 'u' for uninstall, instead of 'i' for install.
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-% $Id:$ %
+% $Id$ %
\fixme{This information is new and might contain errors. Please
\emph{always} check out the installation page in the wiki at
\wikilink{SansaE200Install} and the troubleshooting page at
@@ -13,7 +13,7 @@ prepare your \dap{} for dual boot as explained below as you
otherwise \emph{will not} have USB access to your player.
-\item Save a copy of your original firmware onto your computer's hard drive.
+\item Save a backup copy of your original firmware onto your computer's hard drive.
You can obtain a firmware file from \url{},
another way to obtain the file is to intercept the file during the firmware