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Add warning about the problems with ipodpatcher and the latest bootloaders on the minis and 4th gen greyscale ipods. Close FS #6632
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@@ -13,6 +13,8 @@ your Nano has a one-piece aluminum body it is a 2nd generation Nano and there
is currently no Rockbox port available. Do not attempt to install the
bootloader on a 2nd generation Nano}}
+\opt{ipod4g,ipodmini}{\fixme{NOTE: These instructions are known to have problems with the 1st and 2nd Generation Mini and 4th Generation (Greyscale) ipods - Rockbox loads correctly, but the original Apple firmware will not start. If you wish to continue to be able to use the Apple firmware, you should continue using the old installation instructions linked to at the bottom of \url{}.}}
In order to make your Ipod load and execute the Rockbox firmware you have just
installed, you will need to install the Rockbox bootloader. Unless bugs are
found in the bootloader code, or significant new feature are added, you will