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Use the \wikilink{} macro instead of \url{} in a number of places.
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\section{Enabling Speech Support (optional)}\label{sec:enabling_speech_support}
If you wish to use speech support you will also need a language file, available
-from \url{}. For the
+from \wikilink{VoiceFiles}. For the
English language, the file is called \fname{english.voice}. When it has been
downloaded, unpack this file and copy it into the \fname{lang} folder which is
inside the /\fname{.rockbox} folder on your Jukebox. Voice menus are turned on
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@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@ background (TSR plugin), reading various info about your battery while you use
it. Once you finish your session you can find the benchmark output data in a
file on your \dap\ \fname{/battery\_bench.txt}.
Please submit your results to the Rockbox wiki.
\subsubsection{How it works}
After you load the plug-in the operation of your \dap\ continues as normal.
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@@ -52,7 +52,7 @@ Default keymappings:
Some places where can you can find \fname{.ch8} files:
\item The PluginChip8 page on has several attached:
\item Check out the HP48 chip games section:
\item PC emulator by the guy who wrote the HP48 emulator:
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@@ -13,7 +13,7 @@ from prboom-2.2.6
\item[Your wad files] Copy all Doom wads you wish to play into that directory.
The needed files can be found at
To play addon wads create the \fname{addons} directory within doom.
Place wad files in this directory. Currently doom only supports 10 addons
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Play movies on your \dap! In order to do this, movies must be in AVI format,
and then converted to \fname{.RVF}, Rockbox's own video format. For more
details on how to use this plugin, please see