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Shopper: slightly improve plugin and manual
* improve manual (hopefully fixes fs#11988). Parts of the description are taken from fs#10820. * move ACTION_STD_CONTEXT from alternate select to alternate menu action, as not all targets have ACTION_STD_MENU * add menu entries for "Quit" and "Quit without saving" Change-Id: Iec86a1608756a899f9f9d7ec7d479838dfd1d95f
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-Shopper is a shopping list plugin which allows you to maintain reusable shopping lists.
+Shopper is a plugin which allows you to maintain reusable shopping lists.
+To create a list, use a text editor to write down a list of items (one per
+line; note that the line length should not exceed 40 characters) and save the
+file as \fname{<name>.shopper}. If you want to separate the items you can do
+so by creating categories, which are prepended with `\#'. To open a
+\fname{.shopper} file just ``play'' it from the file browser.
+ #groceries
+ bananas
+ cucumber
+ 4 apples
+ 6 apples
+ #dairy
+ milk
+ cheese
+Note that it isn't possible to choose exact quantities, but you can create a
+number of entries with different quantities in the name of the item, such as
+for the apples in the above example.
+There are two modes, \emph{edit mode} and \emph{view mode}. The edit mode
+shows all the items, and it allows you to select which of the items you want
+to buy. When you have finished selecting the items, use the menu to go to the
+view mode, and you will see only the items you wish to buy. If you `select'
+an item in view mode then that item will be removed from the list.
+When you exit Shopper the last view is saved, including which items you have
+selected, so if you re-open the shopping list it will be as you left it. There
+are additional menu options for clearing the list, selecting all items, showing
+and hiding the categories, toggling the categories, and displaying the playback
+\subsubsection{Shopper Keys}
+ \ActionStdOk{}
+ \opt{HAVEREMOTEKEYMAP}{& \ActionRCStdOk}
+ & Select or clear an item\\
+ \ActionStdMenu{} or \ActionStdContext{}
+ \opt{HAVEREMOTEKEYMAP}{& \ActionRCStdMenu{} or \ActionRCStdContext}
+ & Show menu\\
+ \ActionStdCancel{}
+ \opt{HAVEREMOTEKEYMAP}{& \ActionRCStdCancel}
+ & Exit\\