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This ports id Software's Quake to run on the SDL plugin runtime. The source code originated from id under the GPLv2 license. I used as the base of my port. Performance is, unsurprisingly, not on par with what you're probably used to on PC. I average about 10FPS on ipod6g, but it's still playable. Sound works well enough, but in-game music is not supported. I've written ARM assembly routines for the inner sound loop. Make sure you turn the "brightness" all the way down, or colors will look funky. To run, extract Quake's data files to /.rockbox/quake. Have fun! Change-Id: I4285036e967d7f0722802d43cf2096c808ca5799
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+This is id Software's \emph{Quake}, first released in 1996. The game
+features a Gothic atmosphere and full 3D graphics.
+Copy the game data files into \fname{/.rockbox/quake} on your
+device. There should be an \fname{id1/} directory with a {.pak}
+file. The shareware version is known to work.
+It is possible to customize the game controls through the
+\emph{Options > Customize Controls} menu. Currently a limitation
+exists which prevents one key from being bound to more than one