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& Deletes the character before the line cursor \\
& Enters Morse input mode \\
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controls indicated by their symbols. The dotted center strip is devided in
three parts: \ButtonUp{}, \ButtonSelect{} and \ButtonDown. On the top of the
unit, on the right, is the \ButtonPower{} switch, which is held down to turn
- the \dap{} on or off.}.
+ the \dap{} on or off.
The \ButtonHold{} switch is located on the left of the \dap{}, below the
headphone socket. It puts the \dap{} into hold mode when it is switched to the
top of the unit. The buttons will have no effect when this is the case. On the
bottom of the unit, there is a connector for the docking station or the
- proprietary USB connector for connecting directly to USB.
+ proprietary USB connector for connecting directly to USB.}
The \dap{} is curved so that the end with the screen on it is thicker than the