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Manual: Add missing plugins
The text is usually only a short description taken from the wiki and don't contain screenshots or keymaps, but should be better than nothing. :) Added manual entries: - Boomshine - Dict - FFT - main_menu_config - Matrix - Maze (including keymap) - PDbox - Superdom Additional changes/fixes: - fix "Clix" alphabetical order - add Frotz & ZXBox to games preamble Change-Id: I169870420cbac8123695747ccfcbaaf3478c11cc
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@@ -32,8 +32,9 @@ for changing the settings (the latter will be added automatically).
To reset the menu items to the default, use \config{root~menu~order:-} (i.e.
use a hyphen instead of ``items'').
-This configuration entry can only be created and edited with a text editor. It is
-not possible to change this setting via the settings menu.
+This configuration entry can only be created and edited with a text editor or
+the Main Menu Config Plugin (see \reference{ref:main_menu_config}).
+It is not possible to change this setting via the settings menu.
\subsection{\label{ref:GettingExtras}Getting Extras}
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+This is a game coded in Lua that's a clone of \url{}.
+It is a rather basic game, but probably a good way to show off some of Lua's features
+in Rockbox.
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+\subsubsection{Prerequisites for using the plugin}
+To use the plugin, firstly you need to have the dictionary files which contain
+the words (index) and their description -- \fname{dict.index} and
+\fname{dict.desc}, respectively -- on \fname{/.rockbox/rocks/apps/} folder.
+The dictionary files can be created by yourself, or you can get them crafted
+from the web. More information can be found at \wikilink{PluginDict}.
+\subsubsection{Using the plugin}
+Now that you already have the two necessary files in place, you can launch the
+dict plugin (under Applications on the Browse plugins menu). The first thing
+you will see is the text input screen.
+Type part of a word (or the whole word) or anything the dict files have a
+definition to and accept the text input. The plugin will search for matching
+entries on the \fname{dict.index} file and display according description/meaning
+contained in the \fname{dict.desc} file.
+If no matches are found on the dictionary, a ``Not found'' message will be
+displayed and the plugin will exit. You can do another search by relaunching
+the plugin.
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+% $Id$ %
+This plugin is a basic frequency analyzer with 3 different frequency-amplitude
+plots (lines, bars, and spectrogram).
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% $Id$ %
Frotz is a Z-Machine interpreter for playing Infocom's interactive fiction
games, and newer games using the same format. To start a game open a
\fname{.z1 - .z8} file in the \setting{File Browser}. Most modern games are
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@@ -19,24 +19,28 @@ text files%
- {See also the Chip{}-8 emulator in \reference{ref:Chip8emulator}
+ {See also the Chip{}-8 emulator in \reference{ref:Chip8emulator},
+ Frotz in \reference{ref:Frotz},
- {and Rockboy in \reference{ref:Rockboy}}.}
+ {Rockboy in \reference{ref:Rockboy}}
+ and ZXBox in \reference{ref:ZXBox}.}
@@ -54,6 +58,8 @@ text files%
@@ -90,6 +96,9 @@ text files%
+ \input{plugins/superdom.tex}}}
@@ -106,12 +115,16 @@ text files%
@@ -193,6 +206,9 @@ option from the \setting{Context Menu} (see \reference{ref:Contextmenu}).}
+ \input{plugins/pdbox.tex}}
@@ -236,6 +252,8 @@ option from the \setting{Context Menu} (see \reference{ref:Contextmenu}).}
@@ -248,6 +266,8 @@ option from the \setting{Context Menu} (see \reference{ref:Contextmenu}).}
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+\subsection{Main Menu Configuration}
+This plugin helps you customizing the main menu (i.e. reorder or hide menu
+items). It changes the appropriate configuration file as described in
+When you start the plugin, the available main menu items will be displayed.
+By pressing \ActionStdOk{} you open a menu with the following options:
+\item[Toggle Item] Hide the selected menu item or make it visible again
+\item[Move Item Up] Swap the selected menu item with the previous one
+\item[Move Item down] Swap the selected menu item with the next one
+\item[Load Default Configuration] Discards all customization
+\item[Exit] Save your changes to the configuration file and exit the plugin
+You can leave the plugin without saving by pressing \ActionStdCancel{}.
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+This plugin is a visual demo resembling the scrolling code from ``The Matrix''
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@@ -0,0 +1,39 @@
+This is a simple maze generator that creates perfect mazes that have only
+one solution.
+ \opt{IPOD_3G_PAD}{\ButtonScrollBack/\ButtonScrollFwd/\ButtonLeft/\ButtonRight}
+ \nopt{IPOD_3G_PAD}{\PluginUp/\PluginDown/\PluginLeft/\PluginRight}
+ &
+ \PluginRCUp, \PluginRCDown, \PluginRCLeft, \PluginRCRight
+ &}
+ Navigate maze
+ \\
+ \opt{IPOD_3G_PAD}{\ButtonMenu}
+ \nopt{IPOD_3G_PAD}{\PluginCancel}
+ &
+ \opt{HAVEREMOTEKEYMAP}{\PluginRCCancel
+ &}
+ Exit plugin
+ \\
+ \opt{IPOD_3G_PAD}{Long \ButtonSelect}
+ \nopt{IPOD_3G_PAD}{\PluginSelectRepeat}
+ &
+ \opt{HAVEREMOTEKEYMAP}{\PluginRCSelectRepeat
+ &}
+ New Maze
+ \\
+ \opt{IPOD_3G_PAD}{\ButtonSelect}
+ \nopt{IPOD_3G_PAD}{\PluginSelect}
+ &
+ \opt{HAVEREMOTEKEYMAP}{\PluginRCSelect
+ &}
+ Display solution (toggle)
+ \\
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@@ -0,0 +1,11 @@
+PDBox is a Pure Data audio environment with small-size GUI. Those who do not know
+what Pure Data is are advised to look at the book \href{}
+{``Designing Sound''}, both at the abridged text and at the sample chapters.
+Another good Pure Data tutorial can be found at \url{}.
+\subsubsection{Prerequisites for using the plugin}
+To test the abilities of PDBox get the file
+{\fname{}}. See \wikilink{PluginPdbox} for more information.
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@@ -0,0 +1,53 @@
+Superdom is a turn based strategy game, where the aim is to defeat the computer
+player by overpowering them using your army.
+When the game starts the player is given roughly 50% of the tiles on the map,
+two farms, and two factories. To overpower the enemy, you must place resources
+in adjacent tiles (diagonals do not count), such that your strength is greater
+than the computers, then attack the square.
+Each ``year'' is broken up into three phases: purchasing, movement, and war.
+During the purchasing phase you are allocated money and food, may purchase
+units/buildings, and may access the bank.
+During the movement phase you can move your units only to adjacent squares
+(except planes, which may move anywhere), at a cost of 1 move per unit you move.
+(Men are considered to be one unit, no matter how many you move). You can change
+the number of moves you receive by default in the settings, and you may purchase
+additional moves for \$100 each. You may also launch nuclear weapons if you have
+purchased any.
+During the war phase you can attack the enemy. This is where the strengths come
+into play. Each tile has its own strength for both the computer, and the human
+player. If you attack a square owned by the computer player where your strength
+is greater than the computer's, you will win the tile - and take control of any
+building that were on it. If the strengths are equal, a victor is chosen at
+The bank (in the purchasing phase) is a place where you can store your money
+and earn interest (usually about 10% p.a.), however, while the money is in the
+bank, it is not accessible until the next purchasing phase.
+\subsubsection{Notes on food}
+Each year you are allocated an amount of food based on the number of farms you
+control. Food is used to feed your men, but if you do not have enough food to
+feed your population of men, some will die of starvation.
+\subsubsection{Summary of units}
+ \begin{rbtabular}{\textwidth}{lccX}%
+ {\textbf{Unit} & \textbf{Cost} & \textbf{Individual strength}%
+ & \textbf{Special abilities}}{}{}
+ Men & \$1 each & 1.33 per 100 & No square population limit, however %
+ require 1 food each per year\\
+ Tanks & \$300 & 3 & None\\
+ Planes & \$600 & 4 & Can move to any human controlled point on the map\\
+ Farms & \$1150 & 3 & Generates additional food at start of year\\
+ Factories & \$1300 & 3 & Generates additional food at start of year\\
+ Nukes & \$2000 & 2 & During the movement phase you may lauch a nuke %
+ to destroy all units on a given tile\\
+ \end{rbtabular}
+Also note that the colour of the adjacent tiles also count towards your strength.