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puzzles: add an interaction mode to the "Zoom In" feature
This makes it possible to play the game while zoomed in. Read the manual entry if you want to know more. Change-Id: Iff8bab12f92ebd2798047c25d1fde7740aa543ce
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@@ -6,6 +6,10 @@ The games that begin with the ``sgt-'' prefix are ports of certain
puzzles from Simon Tatham's Portable Puzzle Collection, an open source
collection of single-player puzzle games.
+\note{Certain puzzles may crash when run with demanding
+ configurations. To prevent this, avoid setting extreme configuration
+ values.}
\subsubsection{Puzzle Documentation}
For documentation on the games included, please see the ``Extensive
Help'' menu option from inside the plugin to read puzzle-specific
@@ -27,3 +31,31 @@ whenever needed.
\note{On hard disk-based devices, this may cause a slight delay as the
disk spins up to load the fonts when a puzzle is first started, and
after using the ``Extensive Help'' feature.}
+\subsubsection{``Zoom In'' Feature}
+The ``Zoom In'' feature is available as an option from the pause
+menu. It has two modes: viewing mode, and interaction mode. The
+current mode is indicated in the title bar at the bottom of the
+screen. This feature is most useful with low-resolution devices and
+large puzzles.
+Viewing mode is entered when the ``Zoom In'' option is selected, or
+when {\PluginCancel} is pressed in interaction mode. It allows you to
+pan around an enlarged version of the game. The directional keys pan
+the image by a small amount in their respective directions, and
+{\PluginSelect} should toggle interaction mode. To return to the pause
+menu from viewing mode, press {\PluginCancel}.
+In interaction mode, activated from viewer mode by pressing
+{\PluginSelect}, your device's buttons all function as they do in the
+normal gameplay mode, with the exception of {\PluginCancel}, which
+returns the game to viewing mode, whereas in the normal gameplay mode
+it would return directly to the pause menu. To return to the pause
+menu from interaction mode, press {\PluginCancel} twice.
+\note{Using certain features such as the ``Zoom In'' option may stop
+ audio playback. This is normal, as the game requires additional
+ memory from the system, which will automatically stop playback. The
+ ``Playback Control'' menu will be hidden whenever this
+ happens. Exiting the game will allow the resumption of audio
+ playback.}