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update the manual because of smooth seeking
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selected will be played first. If this setting is \setting{No}, a random
file in the directory will be played first.
- \item[Fast-Forward/Rewind]How fast you want search (fast forward or rewind)
- to accelerate when you hold down the button. \setting{Off} means no
- acceleration. \setting{2x/1s} means double the search speed once every
- second the button is held. \setting{2x/5s} means double the search speed
- once every 5 seconds the button is held.
+ \item[Fast-Forward/Rewind]These settings control the speed and acceleration during fast forward and rewind.
+ The setting \setting{FF/RW Min Step} controls the initial speed and \setting{FF/RW Accel} controls the acceleration.
\item[Anti-Skip Buffer]This setting allows you to control how much music is
stored in the \daps{} memory whilst playing a song, acting as a buffer