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Fix the Quick Screen description. Thanks to fml2. Closes FS#9769.
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Although the \setting{Quick Screen} is accessible from nearly everywhere,
not just the \setting{Main Menu}, it is worth mentioning here. It allows
rapid access to your three favourite settings. The default settings are
- \setting{Shuffle}(\reference{ref:PlaybackSettings}),
- \setting{Repeat}(\reference{ref:PlaybackSettings}) and the
- \setting{Show Files}(\reference{ref:ShowFiles}) options, but almost all
+ \setting{Shuffle} (\reference{ref:PlaybackSettings}),
+ \setting{Repeat} (\reference{ref:PlaybackSettings}) and the
+ \setting{Show Files} (\reference{ref:ShowFiles}) options, but almost all
configurable options in Rockbox can be placed on this screen. To change the
options, navigate through the menus to the setting you want to add and press
\ActionStdContext. In the menu which appears you will be given options
- to place the setting on the Quick Screen.
+ to place the setting on the \setting{Quick Screen}.
- The \setting{Quick Screen} screen is accessed with \ActionStdQuickScreen
- and exited with \ActionQuickScreenExit. Use the direction buttons as indicated
- by the arrow icons to modify the individual setting values.
+ Press \ActionStdQuickScreen to access it and \ActionQuickScreenExit to exit.
+ The direction buttons will modify the individual setting values as indicated
+ by the arrow icons.