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Fix wrong path to "Recursively Insert Directories" setting. Thanks to Grahack on IRC for pointing it out.
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\subsubsection{Including subdirectories in playlists}
You can control whether or not Rockbox includes the contents of
subdirectories when adding an entire directory to a playlists.
-Set the \setting{Main Menu $\rightarrow$ Settings $\rightarrow$ Playlist
-$\rightarrow$ Recursively Insert Directories} setting to \setting{Yes} if you
-would like to include tracks in subdirectories as well as tracks in the
-currently selected directory.
+Set the \setting{Main Menu $\rightarrow$ Settings $\rightarrow$ General Settings
+$\rightarrow$ Playlists $\rightarrow$ Recursively Insert Directories}
+setting to \setting{On} if you would like to include tracks in subdirectories
+as well as tracks in the currently selected directory.