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Manual: Correct the description of the Time/Date menu and make it look nicer.
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\item[Time and Date:]
Time related menu options. Pressing \ActionStdContext{} will voice the current time if voice support is enabled
- \item [Set Time/Date: ] Set current time and date.
+ \item[Set Time/Date:] Set current time and date.
\item[Sleep Timer:]
The \setting{Sleep Timer} powers off your \dap{} after playing for a given
time. It can be set from \setting{Off} to 5 hours in 5 minute steps.
The \setting{Sleep Timer} is reset on boot.
- \item [Time Format: ] Choose 12 or 24 hour clock.
- \subsection{Wake-Up Alarm}
+ \item[Wake-Up Alarm:]
This option will make the \dap{} start up at the specified time.
Use \ActionSettingInc{} and \ActionSettingDec{} to adjust the minutes setting,
\ActionAlarmHoursDec{} and \ActionAlarmHoursInc{} to adjust the hours.
@@ -215,12 +214,13 @@ pages of information.}
will be cancelled.
- \subsection{Alarm Wake up Screen}
+ \item[Alarm Wake Up Screen:]
This option controls what the \dap{} does when it is woken up by the alarm.
- }
- }
+ }%\opt{recording,radio}
+ }%\opt{alarm}
+ \item [Time Format:] Choose 12 or 24 hour clock.
\item[Rockbox Info:]
Displays some basic system information. This is, from top to bottom,
the amount of memory Rockbox has available for storing music (the buffer).