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FS#8775 - Reboot/Reset clean up
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Your \dap{} should enter disk mode automatically when connected to a
computer via USB. If your computer does not recognise your \dap{}, you may
need to enter the disk mode manually. Disconnect your \dap{} from the
- computer. Reset the \dap{} by pressing and holding the \ButtonMenu{} and
+ computer. Hard reset the \dap{} by pressing and holding the \ButtonMenu{} and
\ButtonSelect{} buttons simultaneously. As soon as the \dap{} resets, press
and hold the \ButtonSelect{} and \ButtonPlay{} buttons simultaneously. Your
\dap{} should enter disk mode, and you can try reconnecting to the computer.
@@ -336,10 +336,10 @@ your \dap{} and reboot. Voice menus are turned on by default. See
Remove your \dap{} from the computer's USB port. %
\nopt{ipod,e200}{Unplug any connected power supply and turn the unit off. When
you next turn the unit on, Rockbox should load. }%
-\opt{ipod}{Rebooting the Ipod by holding
+\opt{ipod}{Hard resetting the Ipod by holding
- for a couple of seconds until the \dap{} reboots. Now Rockbox should load.
+ for a couple of seconds until the \dap{} resets. Now Rockbox should load.
} %
\opt{e200}{Your e200 will automatically reboot and Rockbox should load. }%
When you see the Rockbox splash screen, Rockbox is loaded and ready for