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add a section about naming conventions and the icons used in the manual.
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@@ -32,6 +32,40 @@ software. There is, however, more help available. The Rockbox website at
written by members of the Rockbox community and this should be your first port
of call when looking for further help.
+\section{Naming conventions and marks}
+We have some conventions especially on naming that are intended to be
+consistent throughout this manual.
+Manufacturer and product names are formatted in accordance with the standard
+rules of English grammar, e.g. ``\playerman{} playback is currently
+unsupported''. Manufacturer and model names are proper nouns, and
+thus are written beginning with a capital letter.
+% write a bit more about names etc. here.
+This manual has some parts that are marked with icons on the margin to help
+you finding important parts or parts you could skip. The following icons
+are used:
+\note{This indicates a note. A note starts always with the text ``Note''.
+ For easier finding of notes we have put this an icon in the margin like
+ here. Notes are used to mark informations that could help you
+ or indicate a possible ``weirdness'' in rockbox that would be explained.
+\warn{This is a warning. In contrast to notes as mentioned above a warning
+ should be taken more seriously. While ignoring notes won't cause any serious
+ damage ignoring warnings \emph{could} cause serious damage. If you're new to
+ rockbox you should really read the warnings before doing anything that is
+ warned about.
+\blind{This icon marks a section that are intended especially for the blind
+ and visually impaired. As they can't
+ read the manual in the same way seeing people can do we've added some
+ additional descriptions. If you aren't blind or visually impaired you most
+ likely can completely skip these blocks. To make this easier, there is an
+ icon shown in the margin like here.
+}{}% end ifpdfoutput
\section{Installing Rockbox}\label{sec:installing_rockbox}
\subsection{Using the windows installer}
@@ -115,4 +149,4 @@ The latest release of the Rockbox software will always be available from
which works for all Jukebox models, but those wishing to install manually or
using a different operating system should choose the .zip archive containing
the firmware for their model of the Jukebox.
-} \ No newline at end of file