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Use generic keyboard actions rather than the device-dependent
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@@ -22,11 +22,11 @@ stops, including when explicitly stopping the track, powering off the
\dap{}, or starting playback of another track.
If you intend to start a track from its beginning but notice that it
-was resumed, you can press the \ButtonLeft{} button to skip back to
-its beginning. When pressing \ButtonLeft{} again in the first few
+was resumed, you can press \ActionWpsSkipPrev{} in the WPS to skip back to
+its beginning. When pressing \ActionWpsSkipPrev{} again in the first few
seconds of a track to go to the previous track, the previously (on
first button press) saved resume position is retained. Therefore, you
-can also use the \ButtonLeft{} and \ButtonRight{} buttons to skip
+can also use \ActionWpsSkipPrev{} and \ActionWpsSkipNext{} to skip
across tracks in a playlist without losing their resume position.