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A wps file has to be in /.rockbox/wps to get remembered. Fixes FS#6362.
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@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@ number of languages is included with Rockbox, and the latest \fname{.lng} files
are always included in the different Rockbox builds.
- \subsection{\label{ref:Loadingfonts}Loading Fonts}
+ \subsection{\label{ref:Loadingfonts}Loading Fonts}\index{Fonts}
Rockbox can load fonts dynamically. Simply copy the \fname{.fnt} file to the
\dap{} and ``play'' it in the \setting{File Browser}. If you want a font to
be loaded automatically every time you start up, it must be located in the
@@ -25,6 +25,7 @@ are always included in the different Rockbox builds.
\subsection{\label{ref:Loadinglanguages}Loading Languages}
+\index{Language files}%
Rockbox can load language files at runtime. Simply copy the \fname{.lng} file
\emph{(do not use the .lang file)} to the \dap\ and ``play'' it in the
Rockbox directory browser or select \setting{General Settings $\rightarrow$
@@ -73,7 +74,7 @@ file find the instructions on the Rockbox website:
\item [File Location: ]Custom WPS files may be located anywhere on the drive.
The only restriction is that they must end in \fname{.wps}. When you ``play''
a \fname{.wps} file, it will be used for future WPS screens, and if the
- ``played'' \fname{.wps} file is located in the \fname{/.rockbox} folder, it
+ ``played'' \fname{.wps} file is located in the \fname{/.rockbox/wps} folder, it
will be remembered and used after reboot. The \fname{.wps} filename must be
no more than 24 characters long for it to be remembered.