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Explain how to get from the OF back to Rockbox on H10. Also explain about the Music folder being hidden on MTP models.
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@@ -207,6 +207,10 @@ To turn on and off your Rockbox enabled \dap{} use the following keys:
Rockbox has a dual-boot feature. To boot into the original firmware,
press and hold the \ButtonRew{} button while turning on the player.
+ \note{The iriver firmware doesn't shut down properly when you turn it off,
+ it only goes to sleep. To get back into Rockbox when exiting from the
+ iriver firmware, you will need to reset the player by \opt{h10}{inserting a
+ pin in the reset hole}\opt{h10_5gb}{taking out battery}.}
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@@ -35,6 +35,13 @@ generated as \fname{<MMC1>}, and will behave exactly as any other folder
on the \dap{}.
+If your \dap{} is a MTP model, the Music folder where all your music is stored
+may be hidden in the \setting{File Browser}. This may be fixed by either
+either changing it's properties (on a computer) to not hidden, or by changing
+the \setting{Show Files} setting to all.
\subsection{\label{ref:controls}File Browser Controls}