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skin bar tag: Load an image from a label or filename. i.e %xl(bar_image, pb.bmp,0,0) %pb(0,0,10,10,bar_image) or %pb(0,0,10,10, pb.bmp) both are acceptable.
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@@ -634,7 +634,7 @@ Example:
(\%XX should be replaced with the actual tag).
- \config{\%XX(x, y, width, filename, [options])}
+ \config{\%XX(x, y, width, height, [options])}
& Draw the specified tag as a bar\newline
\config{x}: x co-ordinate at which to start drawing the bar.\newline
\config{y}: y co-ordinate at which to start drawing the bar.\newline
@@ -646,6 +646,8 @@ Example:
+ \item[image] -- the next option is either the filename or image label to
+ use for the fill image.
\item[horizontal] -- force the bar to be drawn horizontally.
\item[vertical] -- force the bar to be drawn vertically.
\item[invert] -- invert the draw direction (i.e. right to left, or top to