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Generalize the description of the %d(N) WPS tags
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\config{\%fp} & File Path\\
\config{\%fs} & File Size (in Kilobytes)\\
\config{\%fv} & ``(avg)'' if variable bit rate or empty string if constant bit rate\\
- \config{\%d(1)} & First directory from the end of the file path\\
- \config{\%d(2)} & Second directory from the end of the file path\\
- \config{\%d(3)} & Third directory from the end of the file path\\
+ \config{\%d(N)} & N-th segment from the end of the file's directory
+ (N can be 1, 2, 3, \dots)\\
-Example for the \config{\%d(N)} commands: If the path is
+Example for the \config{\%d(N)} commands: If the file is
``/Rock/Kent/Isola/11 - 747.mp3'', \config{\%d(1)} is ``Isola'',
\config{\%d(2)} is ``Kent'' and \config{\%d(3)} is ``Rock''.