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Correction: jpegs can be too big on all targets...
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@@ -62,15 +62,13 @@ The menu has the following entries.
between 1 second and 20 seconds.
\item[Show Playback Menu.] From the playback menu you can control the
-playback of the currently loaded playlist and change the volume of you \dap.
+playback of the currently loaded playlist and change the volume of your \dap.
\item[Return.] Returns you to the image
Progressive scan and other unusual JPEG files are not supported, and will
-result in various ``unsupported xx'' messages.%
-Processing could also fail if the image is too big or demanding to decode which
-will be explained by a respective message, too.}
+result in various ``unsupported xx'' messages. Processing could also fail if the
+image is too big to decode which will be explained by a respective message.