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add some spacing to link the icons more clearly to their explanation in the text
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This manual has some parts that are marked with icons on the margin to help
you finding important parts or parts you could skip. The following icons
are used:
\note{This indicates a note. A note starts always with the text ``Note''.
For easier finding of notes we have put this an icon in the margin like
here. Notes are used to mark information that could help you
or indicate a possible ``weirdness'' in rockbox that would be explained.
\warn{This is a warning. In contrast to notes mentioned above, a warning
should be taken more seriously. While ignoring notes will not cause any serious
damage ignoring warnings \emph{could} cause serious damage. If you are new to
rockbox you should really read the warnings before doing anything that is
warned about.
\blind{This icon marks a section that is intended especially for the blind
and visually impaired. As they cannot
@@ -85,6 +88,7 @@ are used:
additional descriptions. If you are not blind or visually impaired you most
likely can completely skip these blocks. To make this easier, there is an
icon shown in the margin on the right.
}{}% end ifpdfoutput