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Manual: some cosmetic changes in phrasing as well as code... fix typos and RAS syndrome, correct use of dap{} and {daps}.
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@@ -221,11 +221,15 @@ are discussed below.
\item Lines beginning with \# are comments and will be ignored.
-\note{Keep in mind that your \dap{} resolution is \dapdisplaysize{} (with
+\note{Keep in mind that your \daps{} resolution is \dapdisplaysize{} (with
the last number giving the colour depth in bits) when
designing your own WPS, or if you use a WPS designed for another target.
\opt{HAVE_REMOTE_LCD}{The resolution of the remote is
- \opt{h100,h300}{128$\times$64$\times$1}\opt{x5,m5}{128$\times$96$\times$2} pixels.}}
+ \opt{h100,h300}{128$\times$64$\times$1}%
+ \opt{iaudiox5,iaudiom5,iaudiom3}{128$\times$96$\times$2}
+ pixels.
+ }
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@@ -350,9 +350,9 @@ with image ID ``M'', and then reference the individual sub-images in a condition
\item The images must be in BMP format
\item The image tag must be on its own line
\item The ID is case sensitive, giving 52 different ID's
- \item The size of the LCD screen for each player varies. See table below
+ \item The size of the LCD screen for each \dap{} varies. See table below
for appropriate sizes of each device. The x and y coordinates must
- repect each of the players' limits.
+ respect each of the \daps{} limits.
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@@ -4,12 +4,12 @@
\item[WPS Hotkey.] \opt{touchscreen}{This options sets the hotkey function for
- the WPS screen (see \reference{ref:Hotkeys}). The
+ the WPS (see \reference{ref:Hotkeys}). The
default is \setting{View Playlist}.}
\nopt{touchscreen}{\item[File Browser Hotkey.]}
\nopt{touchscreen}{These options set the hotkey function for their respective
- screens (see \reference{ref:Hotkeys}). The default for the WPS screen is
+ screens (see \reference{ref:Hotkeys}). The default for the WPS is
\setting{View Playlist}. The File Browser default is \setting{Off}.}
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@@ -75,7 +75,7 @@ including an additional but fixed menu button, are assigned as follows:
joystick or some assigned keys of the Spectrum keyboard.
\item[Display Speed.]Toggle displaying the emulation speed (in percent).
\item[Invert Colours.]
- Inverts the Spectum colour palette, sometimes helps visibility.
+ Inverts the Spectrum colour palette, sometimes helps visibility.
Sets the number of frames to skip before displaying one. With zero
frameskip ZXBox tries to display 50 frames per second.
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@@ -705,7 +705,7 @@ The default directory structure that is assumed by some parts of Rockbox
After you have first started the \dap{}, you'll be presented by the
\setting{Main Menu}. From this menu you can reach every function of Rockbox,
for more information (see \reference{ref:main_menu}). To browse the files
-on you \dap{}, select \setting{Files} (see \reference{ref:file_browser}), and to
+on your \dap{}, select \setting{Files} (see \reference{ref:file_browser}), and to
browse in a view that is based on the meta-data\footnote{ID3 Tags, Vorbis
comments, etc.} of your audio files, select \setting{Database} (see