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new plugin: FS#10559 - lrcplayer: a plugin to view .lrc file.
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+% $Id$ %
+% \screenshot{plugins/images/ss-lrcplayer}{Lrcplayer}{}
+This plugin displays lyrics in .lrc file (and some other formats) synchronized
+with the song being played.
+\subsubsection{Supproted file types}
+\item .lrc
+\item .lrc8
+\item .snc
+\item .txt
+\item id3v2 SYLT or USLT tag in mp3 file
+.lrc8 file is equivalent to .lrc files except it is read that
+encoded by UTF-8 nevertheless the encoding setting.
+Lyrics3 tag is not supported.
+\subsubsection{Supported tags and formats for .lrc files}
+following tags are supported:
+[offset:offset (msec)]
+each line should look like one of these:
+[time tag]line
+[time tag]...[time tag]line
+[time tag]<word time tag>word<word time tag>...<word time tag>
+time tag must be in one of the formats: [mm:ss], [mm:ss.xx], or []
+where mm is minuts, ss is seconds, xx is tenth of millisecounds, xxx is millisecounds.
+e.g. [01:23], [01:23.45].
+any other tags and lines without time tags are ignored.
+\subsubsection{Searching lyrics file}
+the plugin checks following directories for lyrics file.
+\opt{swcodec}{if no lyrics file is found and the audio file is a mp3,
+ it also checks SYLT or USLT tag in id3v2.}
+\item the directory of the audio file and it's parent directories.
+\item subdirecory named ``Lylics'' of each directory in 1.
+\item almost same as 1, but ``/Lylics'' is prepended to the path.
+``Lylics'' can be customized.
+if the audio file currently playing is /Musics/Artist/Album/Title.mp3,
+then following files will be tried in this order.
+ext is one in supproted file types list, tried in same order of the list.
+ \begin{btnmap}{}{}
+ \ActionWpsVolUp{} / \ActionWpsVolDown
+ \opt{HAVEREMOTEKEYMAP}{& \ActionRCWpsVolUp{} / \ActionRCWpsVolDown}
+ & Volume up/down.\\
+ %
+ \ActionWpsSkipPrev
+ \opt{HAVEREMOTEKEYMAP}{& \ActionRCWpsSkipPrev}
+ & Go to beginning of track, or if pressed while in the
+ first seconds of a track, go to the previous track.\\
+ %
+ \ActionWpsSeekBack
+ \opt{HAVEREMOTEKEYMAP}{& \ActionRCWpsSeekBack}
+ & Rewind in track.\\
+ %
+ \ActionWpsSkipNext
+ \opt{HAVEREMOTEKEYMAP}{& \ActionRCWpsSkipNext}
+ & Go to the next track.\\
+ %
+ \ActionWpsSeekFwd
+ \opt{HAVEREMOTEKEYMAP}{& \ActionRCWpsSeekFwd}
+ & Fast forward in track.\\
+ %
+ \ActionWpsPlay
+ \opt{HAVEREMOTEKEYMAP}{& \ActionRCWpsPlay}
+ & Toggle play/pause.\\
+ %
+ \ActionWpsStop \nopt{ONDIO_PAD}{or \ActionWpsBrowse}
+ \opt{HAVEREMOTEKEYMAP}{& \ActionRCWpsStop or \ActionRCWpsBrowse}
+ & Exit the plugin.\\
+ %
+ \ActionWpsContext
+ \opt{HAVEREMOTEKEYMAP}{& \ActionRCWpsContext}
+ & Enter timetag editor.\\
+ %
+ \opt{ONDIO_PAD}{\ActionWpsBrowse}%
+ \nopt{ONDIO_PAD}{\ActionWpsMenu}%
+ \opt{HAVEREMOTEKEYMAP}{& \ActionRCWpsMenu}
+ & Enter \setting{Lrcplayer Menu}.\\
+ %
+ \end{btnmap}
+\subsubsection{Lrcplayer Menu}
+ \item[Theme settings.] change theme related settings.
+ \begin{description}
+ \opt{lcd_bitmap}{%
+ \item[Show Statusbar.] show / hide statusbar.
+ \item[Display Title.] show / hide title of track.
+ }%
+ \item[Display Time.] show / hide current time.
+ \opt{lcd_color}{%
+ \item[Inactive Color.] set color of inactive part of lyrics.
+ }%
+ \item[Backlight Force On.] don't turn off backlight while in displaying
+ lyrics screen.
+ \end{description}
+ \opt{lcd_bitmap}{%
+ \item[Display Settings.] change displaying of lyrics.
+ \begin{description}
+ \item[Wrap.] breaks lines at white space.
+ \item[Wipe.] wipe text.
+ \item[Align.] align text to left, center, or right.
+ \item[Activate Only Current Line.]
+ activate only current line or current line and previous lines.
+ \end{description}
+ }%
+ \item[Lyrics Settings.] change loading of lyrics.
+ \begin{description}
+ \item[Encoding.] sets the codepage in the plugin.
+ \opt{swcodec}{%
+ \item[Read ID3 tag.] read lyrics from id3 tag in mp3 file.
+ }%
+ \item[Lrc Directry.] set name of a directory where lyrics files are sotred,
+ 63 bytes at maximum.
+ \end{description}
+ \item[Playback Control.] Show playback control menu.
+ \item[Time Offset.] set offset for time tags of the lyrics currently loaded.
+ \item[Timetag Editor.] Enter timetag editor.
+ \item[Quit.] Exit the plugin.
+\subsubsection{Editing time tag}
+The time when to dispaly the line can be edited with timetag editor.
+Selecting line changes its time to current position of the song.
+To set a specific time or to adjust the time, press \ActionStdContext to
+ bring up a screen for adjusting the time.
+Changes will be saved automatically when the song is changed.
+Edting words in lyrics is not supported.
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