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Manual: update description of Current Playlist menu options
- note that availability of options depends on player state - present options that only insert tracks separately from those that also remove tracks - add short intro for the latter. Change-Id: Ie99ef7dff77da0cb136c761da1c11f83936f86f5
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@@ -80,7 +80,7 @@ To create a playlist containing some or all of the music on your \dap{}, you can
The \setting{Current Playlist Submenu} is a submenu in the \setting{Context Menu} (see
\reference{ref:Contextmenu}), it allows you to put tracks into a
``dynamic playlist''. The place in which the newly
-selected tracks are added to the playlist is determined by the following
+selected tracks are added to the playlist is determined by these
@@ -94,15 +94,23 @@ have not been added yet, immediately after the currently playing track.
\item [Insert Shuffled.] Add track(s) to the playlist at random positions.
\item [Insert Last Shuffled.] Add tracks in a random order to the end of the playlist.
+If you want the existing playlist entries to first be removed before
+selected tracks are inserted, the following two options will achieve that effect.
+They are also available when playback is stopped, whereas the rest of the options
+require music to be playing or paused.
-\item [Clear List \& Play Next.] Replace all tracks in the dynamic playlist.
-If a track is currently playing, it is only removed once it’s finished playing.
+\item [Clear List \& Play Next.] Replace all entries in the dynamic playlist with
+selected tracks. If a track is currently playing, it will be removed once it’s
+finished playing.
-\item [Clear List \& Play Shuffled.] Replace dynamic playlist with selected tracks
-in random order. Available, if playback is stopped.
+\item [Clear List \& Play Shuffled.] Similar, except tracks are added in random order.
+Only available when playback is stopped.
-There are also options for adding tracks only temporarily to the dynamic playlist.
+Another possibility is to add tracks \emph{temporarily} to the dynamic playlist.
In Rockbox’s parlance, this is called queuing. Queued tracks are automatically
removed from the playlist after they have been played. They are also not saved
to the playlist file (see \reference{ref:playlistoptions}).