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Don't include manual section for the 'Load to ram' option if the option isn't there and use 'disk' macro that expands to the proper storage type.
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\subsection{\label{ref:databasemenu}The Database Menu}
- \opt{swcodec}{
+ \opt{tc_ramcache}{
\item[Load To RAM]
- The database can either be kept on disk (to save memory), or
+ The database can either be kept on \disk{} (to save memory), or
loaded into RAM (for fast browsing). Setting this to \setting{Yes} loads
the database to RAM, allowing faster browsing and searching. Setting this
- option to \setting{No} keeps the database on the disk, meaning slower
+ option to \setting{No} keeps the database on the \disk{}, meaning slower
browsing but it does not use extra RAM and saves some battery on boot up.
\note{If you browse your music frequently using the database, you should
load to RAM, as this will reduce the overall battery consumption because
the disk will not need to spin on each search.}
+ }
\item[Auto Update]