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Patch FS#8441 by Marc Guay - rewording of the Shuffle and Repeat options
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The \setting{Playback} sub menu allows you to configure settings
related to audio playback.
-\item[Shuffle. ]Alters how Rockbox will select which song to play next.\\
+\item[Shuffle. ]Turning shuffle on will cause Rockbox to randomly re-order the
+ playlist. Thus, to shuffle all of the audio files on the player, you first
+ need to create a playlist containing all of them. For more information on
+ creating playlists refer to \reference{ref:working_with_playlists}.\\
Options: \setting{Yes}/\setting{No}.
\item[Repeat. ]Configures settings related to repeating of directories or
@@ -20,12 +23,7 @@ related to audio playback.
playlist is finished.}
\item[All. ]The current playlist will repeat when it is finished.
- \note{This option does \emph{not} shuffle all files on your \dap.
- Rockbox is playlist oriented. When you play a song, a directory, or
- an album, Rockbox creates a playlist and plays it. Thus, to shuffle
- all songs on the \dap, you need to create a playlist of all songs on
- the player, and play that playlist with shuffle mode set to
- \setting{All}.}
\item[One. ]Repeat one track over and over.