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Add description of the H1xx to help blind and visually impaired users, needs to be added for all players.
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+ If you lie the \dap\ on the table with the joystick pointing towards you, and
+ the curved sides at the top, the you will find the following if you start from
+ the top-right corner and follow the side of the \dap: \ButtonOn, \ButtonOff,
+ \ButtonMode, USB port, a small hole for resetting the \dap, charger plug,
+ \ButtonRec, headphone minijack plug, remote port, optical/line in,
+ optical/line out. The joystick in the middle of the \dap\ is used to navigate
+ menus by pressing it up/down and left/right. Pressing the joystick down is
+ labelled \ButtonSelect\ throughout this manual.
+ \fixme{Write a section describing the \dap\ for blind users.}
Throughout this manual, the buttons on the \dap\ are labelled according to the
picture above. To turn on and shut down your \dap, the following keys are used: