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\section{Playlist Viewer}
- \config{\%Vp(start,if tag present,other)} & Display the playlist viewer in
+ \config{\%Vp(start,code to render)} & Display the playlist viewer in
the current viewport.\\
\item `start' is the offset relative to the currently playing track for the
playlist to display from (0 the current track, 1 is the next track, etc.).
- \item `if tag present' is the skin code to display if the track has been buffered.
- \item `other' is the skin code to display if the track hasnt been buffered,
- essentially only the filename is know at this point.
+ \item `code to render' is a line of skin code which will be displayed for
+ each line in the viewer. All text tags are supporte (including conditionals
+ and sublines)
The entire viewport will be used, so don't expect other tags in the same