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fix a typo (voicing filenames spells the _filenames_) and dos2unix the file.
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\item Setting the Sound Option \setting{Channels} to \setting{Karaoke} may
disable voice menus.
- \item Plugins and the wake up alarm do not support voice features.
+ \item Plugins \opt{CONFIG_RTC}{and the wake up alarm} do not support
+ voice features.
\item[Voice Directories.]
@@ -43,7 +44,7 @@
\item[Voice Filenames.]
- This option turns on the speaking of directory names. The options provided
+ This option turns on the speaking of filenames. The options provided
are \setting{Spell}, \setting{Numbers}, and \setting{Off} which function
the same as for \setting{Voice Directories} and \setting{.talk mp3 clip},
which functions as above except that the files are named with the same