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keypress table and some smanll tweaks for bounce
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-This demo is of the word ``Rockbox'' bouncing across the screen. There
-is also an analogue clock on the Recorder platform. (The Ondio does
-not have clock support.)
-Key controls for this demo are:
+This demo is of the word ``Rockbox'' bouncing across the screen.
+\opt{CONFIG_RTC}{There is also an analogue clock in the background.}
+In \setting{Scroll mode} the bouncing text is replaced by a different one
+scrolling from right to left.
-F1/F2/F3 & Enters Bounce configuration options \\
-UP/DOWN & Moves to next/previous option \\
-LEFT/RIGHT & Increases/decreases option value \\
-ON & Changes to Scroll mode \\
-OFF & Exits bounce demo\\
+ {\ButtonUp\ /\ \ButtonDown}
+\opt{IPOD_4G_PAD}{\ButtonScrollBack\ /\ \ButtonScrollFwd}
+& Moves to next/previous option\\
+\ButtonLeft\ /\ \ButtonRight
+& Increases/decreases option value\\
+& Toggles Scroll mode\\
+& Exits bounce demo\\