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Use consistent notation for MPEG Layer 3.
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Choose which format to save your recording in. The available choices are
the two uncompressed formats \setting{PCM Wave} and \setting{AIFF}, the
losslessly compressed \setting{WavPack} and the lossy
- \setting{MPEG Layer 3}.
+ \setting{MPEG Layer~3}.
\section{Encoder Settings}
- This sets the bitrate when using the \setting{MPEG Layer 3} format. And has
+ This sets the bitrate when using the \setting{MPEG Layer~3} format. And has
no settings for the other formats.
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are available. Higher sample rates use up more disk space, but give better
sound quality.
\opt{swcodec}{\note{The 11.025~kHz setting is not available when using %
- \setting{MPEG Layer 3} format.}
+ \setting{MPEG Layer~3} format.}
The frequency setting also determines which version of the MPEG standard
the sound is recorded using:\\
- MPEG v1 for 48~kHz, 44.1~kHz and 32~kHz.\\
- MPEG v2 for 24~kHz, 22.05~kHz and 16~kHz.\\
+ MPEG~1 for 48~kHz, 44.1~kHz and 32~kHz.\\
+ MPEG~2 for 24~kHz, 22.05~kHz and 16~kHz.\\
{\note{You cannot change the sample rate for digital recordings.}