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Format FM frequency depending on the regional settings (FS#11273)
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\config{\%tt} & Is the tuner tuned?\\
\config{\%tm} & Scan or preset mode? Scan is ``true'', preset is ``false''.\\
\config{\%ts} & Is the station in stereo?\\
- \config{\%ta} & Minimum frequency (region specific) in MHz, with two
- decimal digits.\\
- \config{\%tb} & Maximum frequency (region specific) in MHz, with two
- decimal digits.\\
- \config{\%tf} & Current frequency in MHz, with two decimal digits.\\
+ \config{\%ta} & Minimum frequency (region specific) in MHz.\\
+ \config{\%tb} & Maximum frequency (region specific) in MHz.\\
+ \config{\%tf} & Current frequency in MHz.\\
\config{\%Ti} & Current preset id, i.e. 1-based number of the preset
within the presets list (usable in playlist viewer).\\
\config{\%Tn} & Current preset name (usable in playlist viewer).\\