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Fix manuals broken by r27787 - underscores have a meaning in tex and need to be escaped. Put the name into quotes like the .bmp above while at it. The way it is done now looks a bit silly but works, feel free to improve.
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& Preload an image for later display (useful for when your images are displayed conditionally).\newline
\config{n}: image ID (a-z and A-Z) for later referencing in \config{\%xd}\newline
\config{filename}: file name relative to \fname{/.rockbox/} and including ``.bmp''\newline
- If the filename is __list_icons__ the list icon bitmap will be used instead\newline
+ If the filename is ``\_\_list\_icons\_\_'' the list icon bitmap will be used instead\newline
\config{x}: x coordinate\newline
\config{y}: y coordinate\newline
\config{nimages}: (optional) number of sub-images (tiled vertically, of the same height)