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@@ -46,8 +46,9 @@ the information displayed on the \daps\ screen whilst an audio track is
being played. The default WPS is a relatively simple screen displaying
Track name, Artist, Album etc. in the default font as a purely text based
layout. There are a number of WPS files included in Rockbox, and you can
-load one of these at anytime by selecting it\dots\\
-\setting{General Settings $\rightarrow$ Display $\rightarrow$ Browse .wps files}\\
+load one of these at anytime by selecting it in
+\setting{General Settings $\rightarrow$ Display $\rightarrow$ Browse .wps files}.
\opt{h1xx,h300}{There is a related option to browse \fname{.rwps} files for
\daps\ with LCD remote controls installed. This will load a similar WPS
screen for the remote but with usually a simpler and more concise layout.}
@@ -72,21 +73,21 @@ encoding. This can be done in most editors, for example Notepad in Windows 2000
or XP (but not in 9x/ME) can do this. See appendix \ref{ref:wps_tags} for all
the tags that are available.
\item All characters not preceded by \% are displayed as typed.
\item Lines beginning with \# are comments and will be ignored.
\item Maximum file size used is
- \opt{player}{400} bytes.\\
+ \opt{player}{400} bytes.
If you have a bigger WPS file, only the first part of it will be
loaded and used.
\subsubsection{Conditional Tags}
\item[If/else: ]
-Syntax: \config{\%?xx{\textless}true{\textbar}false{\textgreater}}\\
+Syntax: \config{\%?xx{\textless}true{\textbar}false{\textgreater}}
If the tag specified by ``\config{xx}'' has a value, the text between the
``\config{{\textless}}'' and the ``\config{{\textbar}}'' is displayed (the true
@@ -97,11 +98,10 @@ specified if no else part is desired. The conditionals nest, so the text in the
if and else part can contain all \config{\%} commands, including conditionals.
\item[Enumerations: ]
-Syntax: \config{\%?xx{\textless}alt1{\textbar}alt2{\textbar}alt3{\textbar}...{\textbar}else{\textgreater}}\\
+Syntax: \config{\%?xx{\textless}alt1{\textbar}alt2{\textbar}alt3{\textbar}\dots{\textbar}else{\textgreater}}
For tags with multiple values, like Play status, the conditional can hold a
list of alternatives, one for each value the tag can have.
Example enumeration:
@@ -117,12 +117,12 @@ You can display information about the next song -- the song that is
about to play after the one currently playing (unless you change the
-If you use the upper--case versions of the
+If you use the upper-case versions of the
three tags: \config{F}, \config{I} and \config{D}, they will instead refer to
the next song instead of the current one. Example: \config{\%Ig} is the genre
name used in the next song and \config{\%Ff} is the mp3 frequency.
-\note{The next song information WILL NOT be available at all
+\note{The next song information \emph{will not} be available at all
times, but will most likely be available at the end of a song. We
suggest you use the conditional display tag a lot when displaying
information about the next song!}
@@ -141,20 +141,18 @@ time (in seconds and optional tenths of a second) for the subline to be
Subline related special characters and tags:
-\config{;} : Split items on a line into separate sublines
-\config{\%t} : Set the subline display time. The
+\item[;] Split items on a line into separate sublines
+\item[\%t] Set the subline display time. The
'\config{\%t}' is followed by either integer
seconds (\config{\%t5}), or seconds and tenths of a second (\config{\%t3.5}).
Each alternating subline can still be optionally scrolled while it is
being displayed, and scrollable formats can be displayed on the same
line with non{}-scrollable formats (such as track elapsed time) as long
as they are separated into different sublines.
Example subline definition:
%s%t4%ia;%s%it;%t3%pc %pr : Display id3 artist for 4 seconds,
Display id3 title for 2 seconds,
@@ -165,30 +163,25 @@ Example subline definition:
Conditionals can be used with sublines to display a different set and/or number
of sublines on the line depending on the evaluation of the conditional.
Example subline with conditionals:
The format above will do two different things depending if ID3 tags are
present. If the ID3 artist and title are present:
-Display id3 title for 8 seconds,\\
-Display id3 artist for 3 seconds,\\
-If the ID3 artist and title are not present:\\
-Display the filename continuously.\\
+\item Display id3 title for 8 seconds,
+\item Display id3 artist for 3 seconds,
+\item repeat\dots
+If the ID3 artist and title are not present:
+\item Display the filename continuously.
Note that by using a subline display time of 0 in one branch of a conditional,
a subline can be skipped (not displayed) when that condition is met.
\subsubsection{Using Images}
You can have as many as 52 images in your WPS. There are various ways of
displaying images:
@@ -205,27 +198,27 @@ displaying images:
Example on background image use:
- %X|background.bmp|\\
+ %X|background.bmp|
The image with filename \fname{background.bmp} is loaded and used in the WPS.
Example on bitmap preloading and use:
- \%x|a|static\_icon.bmp|50|50|\\
- \%xl|b|rep\_off.bmp|16|64|\\
- \%xl|c|rep\_all.bmp|16|64|\\
- \%xl|d|rep\_one.bmp|16|64|\\
- \%xl|e|rep\_shuffle.bmp|16|64|\\
- \%?mm<%xdb|%xdc|%xdd|%xde>\\
+ %x|a|static_icon.bmp|50|50|
+ %xl|b|rep\_off.bmp|16|64|
+ %xl|c|rep\_all.bmp|16|64|
+ %xl|d|rep\_one.bmp|16|64|
+ %xl|e|rep\_shuffle.bmp|16|64|
+ %?mm<%xdb|%xdc|%xdd|%xde>
Four images at the same x and y position are preloaded in the example. Which
image to display is determined by the \config{\%mm} tag (the repeat mode).
\subsubsection{Example File}
- \%s\%?in<\%in - >\%?it<\%it|\%fn> \%?ia<[\%ia\%?id<, \%id>]>
- \%pb\%pc/\%pt
+ %s%?in<%in - >%?it<%it|%fn> %?ia<[%ia%?id<, %id>]>
+ %pb%pc/%pt
That is, ``tracknum -- title [artist, album]'', where most fields are only
displayed if available. Could also be rendered as ``filename'' or ``tracknum --