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Add description of the player for the blind to the c200 manual. Based off FS#8658 by Michael DiFebbo and finished by Robert Menes.
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other buttons have any effect. Just to the left of the \ButtonHold{} switch is a
small hole which contains the internal microphone.}
+ \opt{c200}{
+ Hold the \dap{} with the buttons on the right and the screen on the left. On
+ the right side of the unit, there is a series of four connected buttons that
+ form a square. The four sides of the square are the \ButtonUp{},
+ \ButtonDown{}, \ButtonLeft{} and \ButtonRight{} buttons, respectively. Inside
+ the square formed by these four buttons is the \ButtonSelect{} button. At the
+ bottom right corner of the square is a small separate button, the
+ \ButtonPower{} button.
+ Moving clockwise around the outside of the unit, on the top are the \ButtonVolUp{}
+ and \ButtonVolDown{} buttons, which control the volume of playback. The buttons can
+ be distinguished by a sunken triangle on the \ButtonVolDown{} button, and a
+ raised triangle on the \ButtonVolUp{} button. To the right of
+ the volume buttons on the top of the unit is the slot for inserting flash
+ memory cards. On the right side of the unit is the connector for the USB
+ cable. At center of the bottom of the dap{} is the \ButtonRec{} button. To
+ the left of the \ButtonRec{} button is the \ButtonHold{} switch. Moving this
+ switch to the right activates hold mode, in which none of the other buttons
+ have any effect. On the lower left side of the unit is the headphone socket.
+ Immediately above the headphone socket is a lanyard loop and the microphone.
+ }
+ %
Holding the Jukebox in front of you there should be two buttons to
the left of the unit and a single multi-way circular button to their right.