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Add setting for disabling wrap-around lists
Allows user to decide whether scrolling lists will wrap around to the opposite end after the first or last item has been reached. Change-Id: I22156812cf4c857ddc4b6c48c1cef013b1985260
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Screen Scrolls Out Of View & on, off & N/A\\
bidir limit & 0 to 200 & \% screen\\
scroll paginated & on, off & N/A\\
+ list wraparound & on, off & N/A\\
hold\_lr\_for\_scroll\_in\_list & on, off & N/A\\
show path in browser & off, current directory, full path & N/A\\
contrast & 0 to 63 & N/A\\
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When set to \setting{Yes} scrolling vertically on pages that surpass the
screen size will page up/down instead of simply changing lines. This can be
useful on slow displays.
+ \item[List Wraparound.]
+ When set to \setting{Yes}, scrolling will wrap around back to the opposite
+ end of a list after the first or last item has been reached.
\item[List Acceleration Start Delay.]
This setting enables the acceleration of scroll speed in lists when