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Code police. Add some explanation for playlist catalog.
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@@ -157,17 +157,23 @@ reshuffle the current playlist. To change settings for the
\setting{Playlist Viewer} press \ActionStdMenu{} while viewing the playlist
to bring up the \setting{Playlist Viewer Menu}.
- \subsubsection{Playlist catalog}
- \fixme{Add description of Playlist catalog}
- \begin{description}
- \item [View catalog]
- \item [Add to playlist]
- \item [Add to new playlist]
- \end{description}
+\subsubsection{Playlist catalog}
+ \begin{description}
+ \item [View catalog.] This lists all playlists that are part of the
+ Playlist catalog. You can load a new playlist directly from this list.
+ \item [Add to playlist.] Adds the currently playing file to a playlist.
+ Select the playlist you want the file to be added to and it will get
+ appended to that playlist.
+ \item [Add to new playlist.] Similar to the previous entry this will
+ add the currently playing track to a playlist. You need to enter a name
+ for the new playlist first.
+ \end{description}
-The menu entry is only shown if \setting{Gather Runtime Information} is enabled. It allows the
-asignment of a personal rating value (0..10) to a track which can be displayed in the WPS (%rr)
-and is used in the Database browser. Press \ButtonRight to increment the value (it wraps at 10).
+The menu entry is only shown if \setting{Gather Runtime Information} is
+enabled. It allows the asignment of a personal rating value (0 -- 10)
+to a track which can be displayed in the WPS and used in the Database
+browser. Press \ButtonRight{} to increment the value. The value wraps at 10.
This allows you to create a bookmark in the currently-playing track.