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Update installation document a bit to catch up with recent changes. Add notes about installation.
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@@ -19,14 +19,31 @@ This is Rockbox Utility, the graphical installer and housekeeping utility
for Rockbox.
- Qt 4.3.0 or greater
+- at least the following folders from Rockbox svn:
+ o apps/
+ o rbutil/
+ o tools/
+- libusb (Linux, Mac)
- run qmake
- run make
The resulting binary will be located in the rbutilqt subfolder. If you have
multiple versions of Qt installed make sure to pick the correct one.
+Installation / Deployment:
+Rockbox Utility is build as all-in-one binary. This means for distribution
+you need:
+- rbutilqt (main binary)
+- rbutil_*.qm (translation files, optional)
+You don't need any other files like configuration files, especially
+rbutil.ini which will get included into the binary.
The website for Rockbox Utility is