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mkamsboot: prevents 2 potential problems
We checked if the new firmware block (bootloader+ucl function+packed bootloader & OF) fit in the OF file, but not if it would run properly. For example the Clipv2 OF is bigger than 0x50000 bytes uncompressed, but it fitted in this space when packed and concatenated to a packed bootloader + ucl function and dualboot code (but we use 1MB of RAM and not 0x50000 anyway). Now we check that both bootloader and OF are small enough to be unpacked at runtime: the unpacked data must be smaller than available memory and not overlap with ucl function and packed data (although the unpacked and packed data could probably overlap a bit, I don't know how to calculate this and this could be quite complex). total_size() is replaced by check_sizes() which will perform all the checks and set an error string if the firmware can't be patched. (both mkamsboot and rbutilqt modified accordingly) The second problem is that dualboot.S assumed r3 and r5 were left untouched in the device specific checks. This was undocumented and very error prone when modifying these checks. r3 is the last byte of packed copy (bootloader or OF) r5 is the entry point of uclunpack function derived from r3, so move r5 calculation after the device specific code. Even if r3 is currently unused in the device specific code, we store it in memory after copying the ucl function, when it points to the last byte of packed data (not yet copied at this point since we didn't chose if we boot the OF or the bootloader), and restore it just before using it so no restriction is placed on registers usage in device specific code. Add a new variable ucl_dest in dualboot.S set by mkamsboot.c, which represents the last bound of buffer where we copy the ucl function, and then the packed data (bootloader or OF). RAM_SIZE definition is moved from dualboot.S to mkamsboot.c new model_memory_size(), where it is a bit better documented. Tested on e200v2 and Clip+ git-svn-id: svn:// a1c6a512-1295-4272-9138-f99709370657
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diff --git a/rbutil/mkamsboot/dualboot.h b/rbutil/mkamsboot/dualboot.h
index 7d0b177ed7..28139ae34f 100644
--- a/rbutil/mkamsboot/dualboot.h
+++ b/rbutil/mkamsboot/dualboot.h
@@ -1,10 +1,10 @@
/* Generated by bin2c */
extern unsigned char nrv2e_d8[168];
-extern unsigned char dualboot_clip[248];
-extern unsigned char dualboot_e200v2[228];
-extern unsigned char dualboot_c200v2[228];
-extern unsigned char dualboot_m200v4[204];
-extern unsigned char dualboot_fuze[228];
-extern unsigned char dualboot_clipv2[272];
-extern unsigned char dualboot_clipplus[208];
+extern unsigned char dualboot_clip[256];
+extern unsigned char dualboot_e200v2[236];
+extern unsigned char dualboot_c200v2[236];
+extern unsigned char dualboot_m200v4[212];
+extern unsigned char dualboot_fuze[236];
+extern unsigned char dualboot_clipv2[280];
+extern unsigned char dualboot_clipplus[216];