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Make it easier to change the toolchain in the dualboot Makefile.
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diff --git a/rbutil/mkamsboot/dualboot/Makefile b/rbutil/mkamsboot/dualboot/Makefile
index cc788f1fe5..938e8a7d50 100644
--- a/rbutil/mkamsboot/dualboot/Makefile
+++ b/rbutil/mkamsboot/dualboot/Makefile
@@ -1,5 +1,5 @@
# Edit the following variables (plus copy/paste another set of rules) when
# adding a new target. mkamsboot.c also needs to be edited to refer to these
# new images.
@@ -12,41 +12,41 @@ all: ../dualboot.h ../dualboot.c
# Dualboot bootloaders
dualboot_clip.o: dualboot.S
- arm-elf-gcc -DSANSA_CLIP -c -o dualboot_clip.o dualboot.S
+ $(CROSS_PREFIX)-$(CC) -DSANSA_CLIP -c -o dualboot_clip.o dualboot.S
dualboot_fuze.o: dualboot.S
- arm-elf-gcc -DSANSA_FUZE -c -o dualboot_fuze.o dualboot.S
+ $(CROSS_PREFIX)-$(CC) -DSANSA_FUZE -c -o dualboot_fuze.o dualboot.S
dualboot_e200v2.o: dualboot.S
- arm-elf-gcc -DSANSA_E200V2 -c -o dualboot_e200v2.o dualboot.S
+ $(CROSS_PREFIX)-$(CC) -DSANSA_E200V2 -c -o dualboot_e200v2.o dualboot.S
dualboot_m200v4.o: dualboot.S
- arm-elf-gcc -DSANSA_M200V4 -c -o dualboot_m200v4.o dualboot.S
+ $(CROSS_PREFIX)-$(CC) -DSANSA_M200V4 -c -o dualboot_m200v4.o dualboot.S
dualboot_c200v2.o: dualboot.S
- arm-elf-gcc -DSANSA_C200V2 -c -o dualboot_c200v2.o dualboot.S
+ $(CROSS_PREFIX)-$(CC) -DSANSA_C200V2 -c -o dualboot_c200v2.o dualboot.S
dualboot_clipv2.o: dualboot.S
- arm-elf-gcc -DSANSA_CLIPV2 -c -o dualboot_clipv2.o dualboot.S
+ $(CROSS_PREFIX)-$(CC) -DSANSA_CLIPV2 -c -o dualboot_clipv2.o dualboot.S
dualboot_clipplus.o: dualboot.S
- arm-elf-gcc -DSANSA_CLIPPLUS -c -o dualboot_clipplus.o dualboot.S
+ $(CROSS_PREFIX)-$(CC) -DSANSA_CLIPPLUS -c -o dualboot_clipplus.o dualboot.S
dualboot_fuzev2.o: dualboot.S
- arm-elf-gcc -DSANSA_FUZEV2 -c -o dualboot_fuzev2.o dualboot.S
+ $(CROSS_PREFIX)-$(CC) -DSANSA_FUZEV2 -c -o dualboot_fuzev2.o dualboot.S
# Rules for the ucl unpack function
nrv2e_d8.o: nrv2e_d8.S
- arm-elf-gcc -DPURE_THUMB -c -o nrv2e_d8.o nrv2e_d8.S
+ $(CROSS_PREFIX)-$(CC) -DPURE_THUMB -c -o nrv2e_d8.o nrv2e_d8.S
# Rules for the ARM code embedded in mkamsboot - assemble, link, then extract
# the binary code and finally convert to .h for building in mkamsboot
-%.arm-elf: %.o
- arm-elf-ld -e 0 -Ttext=0 -o $@ $<
+%.$(CROSS_PREFIX): %.o
+ $(CROSS_PREFIX)-ld -e 0 -Ttext=0 -o $@ $<
-%.arm-bin: %.arm-elf
- arm-elf-objcopy -O binary $< $@
+%.arm-bin: %.$(CROSS_PREFIX)
+ $(CROSS_PREFIX)-objcopy -O binary $< $@
../dualboot.c ../dualboot.h: $(BOOTBINS) bin2c
./bin2c ../dualboot $(BOOTBINS)