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authorDominik Riebeling <>2012-06-17 13:02:22 +0200
committerDominik Riebeling <>2012-06-17 13:02:22 +0200
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Make ServerInfo parsing slightly more robust.
- Don't assume the list of release targets to be the same as the list of release-candidate targets. - Don't try to construct a download URL for releases with an empty release version. Change-Id: Icc3098a9db9e3d00261c32f4b9c2999ecc716380
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diff --git a/rbutil/rbutilqt/base/serverinfo.h b/rbutil/rbutilqt/base/serverinfo.h
index 7021c3f154..ea68fd7fc4 100644
--- a/rbutil/rbutilqt/base/serverinfo.h
+++ b/rbutil/rbutilqt/base/serverinfo.h
@@ -49,7 +49,7 @@ class ServerInfo : public QObject
//! set a server info value
- static void setValue(enum ServerInfos setting , QVariant value);
+ static void setValue(enum ServerInfos setting, QVariant value);
//! set a value for a server info for a named platform.
static void setPlatformValue(QString platform, enum ServerInfos setting, QVariant value);
//! you shouldnt call this, its a fully static class