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committerDominik Riebeling <>2012-05-19 16:52:58 +0200
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Show nicer language names in voice creation dialog.
Instead of showing the internal language names show some more human friendly string. Currently only applies to the voice creation dialog, the language configuration dialog needs further adjustments to support display strings differing from values. Change-Id: Ic94838f1079c1d09a666d7dbd9682c577f686b3f
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diff --git a/rbutil/rbutilqt/base/systeminfo.h b/rbutil/rbutilqt/base/systeminfo.h
index f8c31a9de3..420dbf3c80 100644
--- a/rbutil/rbutilqt/base/systeminfo.h
+++ b/rbutil/rbutilqt/base/systeminfo.h
@@ -79,7 +79,7 @@ class SystemInfo : public QObject
static QStringList platforms(enum PlatformType type = PlatformAll,
QString variant="");
//! returns a map of all languages
- static QMap<QString, QString> languages(void);
+ static QMap<QString, QStringList> languages(void);
//! returns a map of usb-ids and their targets
static QMap<int, QString> usbIdMap(enum MapType);
//! get a value from system settings