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Rework autodetection to better handle ambiguous cases.
The old detection code simply assumed only one player to be connected and threw all information it could find together, causing wrong results in various cases. Rewrite it to better handle this. - Don't expect only a single player to be attached. Return a list of players found instead. The configuration dialog can then show the user a list to select from. This is not implemented yet, the configuration dialog will only show the devices found and tell the user to disconnect all but one. - Handle ambiguous cases better. A player found that is ambiguous is treated as such, and if refining the result didn't lead to a single match for each possible player a single entry is created that indicates it being ambiguous. The current code needs a bit of additional cleanup (the result exposes internal data to the caller it shouldn't) to be done later. Change-Id: I22dc2f73cdd6a9d90c34f3a0703aa9e0a2d2087a
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