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Implement a first, simple changelog dialog.
When Rockbox Utility is started for the first time, a new version is started or the user selected to do so on startup a changelog window is shown. Change-Id: Ic223e092a09d31ccbbfcd9b973355225cac27632
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+# Rockbox Utility changelog.
+# This file is parsed by Rockbox Utility. Format:
+# - Lines starting with # are comments and ignored.
+# - A version starts with the string "Version" followed by the number.
+# - After the version individual entries follow. Those start with a *.
+# - After the entries an empty line has to follow.
+# - After that the next version can start.
+Version 1.4
+* Rework player detection functionality to provide better results.
+* Limit mountpoints ("Select your device in the filesystem") in configuration dialog to usable ones.
+* Change encoder volume configuration to allow more sensible values.
+* Save proxy password differently in configuration file (better solution for FS#12166).
+* Add support for building Rockbox Utility with Qt5.
+* Add Changelog window.