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Update quazip to release 0.7.1.
Update to latest quazip release. Note that quazip is now LGPL and not GPL / LGPL dual licensed anymore. Change-Id: Ie1e975b5b546dd31218eef9df472527493fe81e0
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This folder contains the quazip project for ZIP file compression/decompression.
-These files are distributed under the GPL v2 or later.
-The source files have been last synced with the projects release at
- on July 20, 2010
+These files are distributed under the LGPL v2.1 or later. Only source files
+actually used in Rockbox Utility are included, further sources have been left
+out. Check the quazip source distribution for those.
+The source files have been last synced with the projects release 0.7.1 at
+ on March 8, 2015.