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Add support for Microsoft Speech Platform.
MSSP is accessible via vbs by simply changing the object to be used (both SAPI5 and MSSP use the ISpVoice COM interface). Add command line parameter to sapi_voice.vbs to switch the COM object used, and add the necessary implementation of the SAPI class to Rockbox Utility. Important: you will need to install the Speech Runtime separately and install the version matching the bitsize of Rockbox Utility. I.e. you will need to install the x86 version even on a x64 machine (unless you build a 64bit binary of Rockbox Utility). Change-Id: If760cd69c556c17a2ae539965d0941d16fdc10e1
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@@ -114,6 +114,7 @@ HEADERS += \
base/ttsfestival.h \
base/ttssapi.h \
base/ttssapi4.h \
+ base/ttsmssp.h \
../../tools/wavtrim.h \
../../tools/voicefont.h \
base/voicefile.h \