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Add support for the generic Telechips firmware format checksums - use -tcc=sum if the header just contains a single checksum, or -tcc=crc if the header contains two 32-bit CRCs. Credit goes to Hein-Pieter van Braam for his work on identifying the (reverse) CRC32 algorithm used when calculating the two CRCs
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+++ b/tools/Makefile
@@ -16,15 +16,16 @@ CLEANALL := scramble descramble iriver sh2d bmp2rb rdf2binary convbdf \
@echo "Run make in your build directory!"
-scramble: scramble.o iriver.o mi4.o gigabeat.o gigabeats.o
+scramble: scramble.o iriver.o mi4.o gigabeat.o gigabeats.o telechips.o
descramble: descramble.o iriver.o gigabeat.o
-scramble.o: scramble.c iriver.h mi4.h gigabeat.h
+scramble.o: scramble.c iriver.h mi4.h gigabeat.h telechips.h
descramble.o: descramble.c iriver.h gigabeat.h
iriver.o: iriver.c iriver.h
gigabeat.o: gigabeat.c gigabeat.h
gigabeats.o: gigabeats.c gigabeats.h
mi4.o: mi4.c mi4.h
+telechips.o: telechips.c telechips.h
sh2d: sh2d.c