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Fix Sim for newer distros
__builtin found fix for rbendian.h tools/configure defines SIM_USE_BYTESWAP_H if byteswap.h is found in /usr/include/ maybe there is a better mechanism for this is a simple script to make .desktop shortcut files several newer distros don't allow you to run the simulator from the file manager, this or perhaps a different method can probably be included while building a sim at a later date. for now it can be run manually like so: similar to ../tools/configure run from your simulator folder ../tools/ exepath shortname icon ex. ../tools/ ./rockboxui clip+sim music-app Change-Id: Ia05d3a9349b27c5968a4a7a68b2eb480e60faec3
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diff --git a/tools/configure b/tools/configure
index 330c6640fe..6398c48d06 100755
--- a/tools/configure
+++ b/tools/configure
@@ -10,6 +10,9 @@
# global CC options for all platforms
CCOPTS="-W -Wall -Wundef -O -nostdlib -ffreestanding -Wstrict-prototypes -pipe -std=gnu99"
+#newer versions GLIBC use byteswap.h
# LD options for the core
# LD options for the core + plugins
@@ -4471,6 +4474,10 @@ fi
if [ "yes" = "$simulator" ]; then
echo Unsetting APPLICATION define for SIMULATOR build
unset application
+ if test -f "$BYTESWP"; then
+ echo Using "$BYTESWP"
+ extradefines="$extradefines -DSIM_USE_BYTESWAP_H=$BYTESWP"
+ fi
if [ "yes" = "$application" ]; then