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-;; $Id$ -*- emacs-lisp -*-
-;; Here's a sample .emacs file that might help you along the way.
-;; First comes a setup that is ideal when you are only working with
-;; rockbox. Just select the next few lines, paste it into your .emacs
-;; and change the path to the tools folder. (If you are using more
-;; than one style. Look further down the this file.)
-(load-file "<YOUR-PATH-TO-ROCKBOX>/tools/rockbox-style.el")
-(add-hook 'c-mode-common-hook 'rockbox-c-mode-common-hook)
-;; If you are using more than one style in maybe more than one project
-;; the example below might help out. It uses a predicate hook pair to
-;; select the right hook to use.
-(defvar my-style-selective-mode-hook nil
- "Holds a list of predicate and hooks pairs. (list (PREDICATE . HOOK)
-...) It is used by my-mode-selective-mode-hook-function for choosing
-the right hook to run.")
-(defun my-style-selective-mode-hook-function ()
- "Run each PREDICATE in `my-style-selective-mode-hook' to see if the
-HOOK in the pair should be executed. If the PREDICATE evaluate to non
-nil HOOK is executed and the rest of the hooks are ignored."
- (let ((h my-style-selective-mode-hook))
- (while (not (eval (caar h)))
- (setq h (cdr h)))
- (funcall (cdar h))))
-;;; Example configuration.
-;; Add the selective hook to the c-mode-common-hook
-(add-hook 'c-mode-common-hook 'my-style-selective-mode-hook-function)
-;; Add your own hooks and predicates. The predicate should evaluate to
-;; non nil if the hook in the pair is supposed to be evaluated. In the
-;; example a part of the path is used to select what style to
-;; use. Choose what is appropriate for you.
-(add-hook 'my-style-selective-mode-hook
- '((string-match "rockbox" (buffer-file-name)) . rockbox-c-mode-common-hook))
-(add-hook 'my-style-selective-mode-hook
- '((string-match "other" (buffer-file-name)) . other-c-mode-common-hook))
-;; Make sure the default style is appended.
-(add-hook 'my-style-selective-mode-hook '(t . my-c-mode-common-hook) t)